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In 2019 over 4.1 billion consumer records were compromised (Norton). There is an undeniable need for cyber security services to stay ahead of malicious hackers. The issue? Cyber security services are expensive and most small and medium sized charities do not have the financial resources to pay significant amounts to secure their network. ​To fill this need, a group of like minded individuals founded Hackers for Change, a completely volunteer-run non-profit that works with local non-profits and charities to secure their networks and any other digital assets. Services offered by our team include assistance from industry professionals and students getting relevant experience in their respective industry.

Hackers for Change tries to fill two needs, the first is getting motivated students real life experience performing security engagements and the second is securing volunteer organizations and hardening Canada's overall security strategy.


Meet our Team

Manny Mand

CEO & Chairman

Manny is a first generation Punjabi-Canadian cyber security consultant that has been practicing his craft since he was 14 years old. He has since been exposed to multiple industries while performing penetration testing assessments for numerous Fortune 100 companies and major financial institutions. Manny has worked alongside colleagues, such as Dominik, to help find and disclose vulnerabilities in a variety of applications. A notable example was the joint 0day research against a popular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) which housed over 100 million patient records globally. 

Gabriel Betlen

CMO & Secretary

Gabriel is a nuclear engineering graduate, with a passion for project management and community involvement. His undergraduate thesis focused on security aspects for nuclear facilities, and in particular the vulnerability of instrumentation and control systems.

Sacha Chang

COO & Director of Education

Sacha studied economics and statistics before moving to the Caribbean to work for a Pharmaceutical chain in 2012. He moved back to Toronto in 2015, and spent the next 5 years in the real estate development business while teaching himself the fundamentals of cyber security. Sacha is passionate about education and accessibility in the CS space, especially where minorities and youth are concerned.

Christian Argueta

Director of HR & Recruitment

Christian is a Network Engineer with several years of experience designing, deploying, and maintaining enterprise level network infrastructure. Currently, Christian is a Network Support Intern Manager at Cisco Meraki. Christian, who was a former intern himself, is in charge of developing, planning and managing the internship program. Christian graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Information Technology majored in Networking and IT Security. He possesses his Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification.

Madison Hind

CGO & Vice Chairman

Madison started in humble beginnings to a single mother of three. He learned from his mother that if you want to create and affect change in others’ lives, you need to leave your comfort zone. Madison’s mother always made sure others were put first and now he is working to put others first. Currently spear heading our growth and partnerships, Madison is also currently based out of Silicon Valley working as a Cloud Security Engineer. For any inquiries regarding collaboration and possible partnerships, please contact via email at: madison@hackersforchange.com

Kieran Zackaria

CFO & Treasurer

Kieran is an experienced accounting professional with a demonstrated history of working in high growth technology companies. He is a process driven individual with an affinity for all things tech, who believes in the importance of leveraging technology and data to empower employees in decision making. He strives to challenge himself every day and enjoying the process of learning from each step along the way.

Dominik Penner

Director of Research & Advisory

Dominik specializes in web-application security and operating systems. He has helped a wide variety of organizations secure their systems over the course of approximately 8 years. Some of these include: Internet Service Providers & Electronic Medical Software vendors. His primary focus is to report critical vulnerabilities in software/hardware before malicious adversaries have the opportunity to exploit them.

Kenrick Bagnall

Senior Advisor

Kenrick is a dedicated and highly motivated technology and business strategist with demonstrated abilities in areas of infrastructure and software solution design and implementation and Law Enforcement.  He is a member of the Toronto Police Services, since April of 2006, and has experience in several areas of policing including Primary Response. Kenrick is currently a member of the Computer Cyber Crime (C3) section of Intelligence Services and serves as a Cybercrime Investigator.

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