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Board of Directors

Hackers for Change is a registered charity organization operating under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. Founded July 2020, the organization is located in Toronto, Ontario.

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Manny Mand


From standing handcuffed in a courtroom to a hustling mission-driven entrepreneur, Manny turned his life around to become a sought after cybersecurity consultant and a true change maker. Before founding his consultancy, Mand Consulting Group, Manny rendered advisory services (application penetration testing, red teaming, etc.), performed penetration testing assessments for numerous Fortune 500 companies, worked as an assistant instructor at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies (2019), and participated in multiple collaborative research projects (2018). The research on OpenEMR allowed him to ethically disclose critical vulnerabilities and safeguarded the medical records of over 100 million patients. Additionally, he was able to flag another critical flaw consistent across all of Canada’s ISPs, affecting nearly 30 million Canadians.


Madison Hind

Vice Chairman

Madison is passionate about creating positive change and leaving a lasting impact on others. Coming from humble beginnings, he understands the importance of putting others first and is dedicated to making a difference. Currently based in Silicon Valley, Madison is playing a key role in growing the charity and forging meaningful partnerships.


Gabriel Betlen


Gabriel is a nuclear engineering graduate, with a passion for project management and community involvement. His undergraduate thesis focused on security aspects for nuclear facilities, and in particular the vulnerability of instrumentation and control systems.


Kieran Zackaria


Kieran is an experienced accounting professional with a demonstrated history of working in high growth technology companies. He is a process driven individual with an affinity for all things tech, who believes in the importance of leveraging technology and data to empower employees in decision making. He strives to challenge himself every day and enjoying the process of learning from each step along the way.


Kenrick Bagnall

Board Director

Kenrick is a dedicated and highly motivated technology and business strategist with demonstrated abilities in areas of infrastructure and software solution design and implementation and Law Enforcement.  He is a member of the Toronto Police Services, since April of 2006, and has experience in several areas of policing including Primary Response. Kenrick is currently a member of the Computer Cyber Crime (C3) section of Intelligence Services and serves as a Cybercrime Investigator.

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Katherine Thompson

Board Director

As one of Canada’s most passionate and influential voices surrounding issues and opportunities related to cyber security in Canada, Katherine Thompson has taken a leading role in helping Canadians understand the risks and rewards associated with the digital economy. As Principal of Human Firewall Solutions, and Founder-Chair of the Canadian Cyber Security Innovation Institute-C2I2, Katherine is regularly called upon to speak on the current state of cyber security in Canada and key issues including security of critical infrastructure, breach management, risks for small to medium sized enterprise, the growing labor and skills shortage and ensuring Canada’s economic prosperity through cyber initiatives. As an industry advisory to the Canadian government, Katherine is committed to helping government, academia and industry collaborate on the overarching issue of cyber risk that impacts all Canadians. Katherine sits as board member of Cyber Titan, a collaborative with the US Air Force’s Cyber Patriot program which engages young Canadians in cyber security careers and other STEM areas. She also sits on the board of the Canadian Women in Cyber Defence, a coalition promoting the advancement of women in the cyber security industry. Katherine recently joined the Cyber Future Foundation (CFF) as a Canadian program director.

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