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It's time to get secure.

Hackers for Change makes it easy to secure your organization. Not only do we ensure your data is protected, we dramatically reduce the likelihood of any cyber threat to you. 


Process Overview

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Service Offerings


Web applications consist of websites and other online services, and are very common targets of web application attacks. With some of the most common targets being the content management systems (e.g. WordPress), tools to administer databases (e.g. PHP), and other plugins.


Our team at Hackers for Change is experienced in conducting web application penetration testing that helps to identify vulnerabilities. It is important when reviewing the security of a web application to know what you should be looking for. We specialize in a number of services including:

  • Authentication and Session Management

  • Business Logic

  • Client-side Logic

  • Input Validation and Error Handling


An application penetration test identifies vulnerabilities surrounding an application. We perform penetration tests on a number of applications such as web and mobile applications. Our consultants focus on authentication/authorization, business logic, session handling and data validation. Mobile applications (iOS/Android) are assessed for security issues by leveraging static/dynamic analysis tools 


Hackers for Change will perform a number of services such as further securing your servers and workstations and creating policies. Server/workstation hardening is a collection of tools, techniques, and best practices to reduce vulnerabilities in applications, infrastructure, servers, workstations and other areas. The goal of server/workstation hardening is to reduce security risk by eliminating potential vulnerabilities and reducing the system’s attack surface. 

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