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High Fives


Join our community of like-minded individuals looking to make an impact in our local community through cybersecurity! 
As a completely volunteer-run organization, we promise that 100% of your donation is directly used to help fund our programs and continue to increase our social footprint
Because of donors, we are able to help fulfill our mission to educate and enable other Canadian charities to protect their data and information systems allowing them to focus on maximizing their social impact. You are also helping us deliver the first 8-week high-school focused cybersecurity fundamental course to students all across Canada. Thank you.

Hackers for Change is a Canadian registered Not-for-profit under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, BN 724339138RC0001. Hackers for Change is currently not a registered charity and as a result, all contributions are not tax-deductible. Currently, Hackers for Change is going through the process to become a registered charity and we will update this disclaimer once charity status has been received.

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