In response to COVID-19, our team is providing services to charitable organizations at no cost during the pandemic. CLICK HERE to register if you are a charity or a non-profit.

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Hackers for Change is a volunteer driven non-profit based out of Toronto, Ontario. We provide local charities and non-profits with industry level cyber security services, at no cost. In doing so, we are able to train Canada's next generation of cyber security professionals, and make our digital community that much more resilient.



Charities and non profits are often the most vulnerable targets of cyber attacks. Multiple studies have shown that cyber attacks against charities and non profits have increased over the past few years exponentially. Hackers for Change aims to address this issue by securing charities and not for profits at extremely accessible rates. 

Attached is our cyber threat case study which assesses three security breaches in the charity and non-profit sector. 





For those seeking employment in the cyber security industry, a lack of formal work experience can be a significant barrier to entry. Volunteering with Hackers for Change as either a junior or a senior consultant helps you by providing invaluable hands on work experience; all the while you are making a positive social impact on the community.


Hackers for Change has an internal vulnerability research team, composed of junior and senior volunteers, that collaboratively identify vulnerabilities in popular open source software. Upon finding vulnerabilities in an open source application a professional report is drafted by the collaborators. This report is disclosed to the vendor and after agreeing to a timeline with the vendor we publish the report for the security community.

Interested in collaborating with the vulnerability research team? Register to begin the volunteer process today!


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