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Looking to enter the world of cyber security?

Volunteering with Hackers For Change is a rewarding experience. We are always looking for new talent as we scale our operations out.

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Volunteering with Hackers for Change

Volunteering with Hackers for Change is unlike any other volunteer opportunity you have been exposed to before. If you are a student passionate about hacking, or a professional making a career change, Hackers for Change can enable you to get the skills and experience needed to enter the industry. We have a mix of senior and junior resources which in return forms a mentorship system.

Upon agreeing to secure a charity or non profit, we assign a senior consultant to the project. Hackers for Change's senior consultants are experienced security consultants with experience consulting for Fortune 500s and major financial institutions. Accompanying the senior consultant would be 3-5 junior consultants. These junior consultants would help facilitate the penetration testing process and would get exposed to internal web application/mobile application penetration testing methodologies. During the engagement, the senior consultant is always available to answer any questions of the junior consultant.

As we grow we are currently searching for junior and senior consultants, if you are interested in making a social impact while developing cyber security skills please click Register above.


Our Process

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