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Vulnerability Research Team

 Vulnerability Research Team

Dominik Penner

Research Team Lead

Timothy French 

Vulnerability Researcher

I am a first generation Punjabi-Canadian cyber security consultant that has been practicing his craft since I was 14 years old.

Computer Security nerd with a strong focus in web application exploitation & social engineering. I do Bug Bounties and responsible Disclosure in the name of Underdog Security. 

Kane Gamble

Vulnerability Researcher

Bradley Martin

Vulnerability Researcher

I am a 20 year old information security enthusiast. I have always had an interest in technology and breaking things. I specialize in web application security and also have an interest in android application security. 

20 years old. Been into security and networking since late 2012. Still a lot to learn. Sometimes I spend my time reporting bugs to companies. 

John Phillipps

Vulnerability Researcher

Manny Mand

Vulnerability Researcher

Professional Offensive Security Consultant. Threat Intelligence. Penetration Tester. Nation-State APT Tracker.


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